About the film

Six year old Bi has been afraid of water since drowning of her younger brother. Little Oscar was taken by flood and his body has never been found. Her father Karl Klingert after loss of his son kept it all to himself and completely devoted himself to making of world’s first semi-atmospheric diving suit.

First show of the diving suit is coming. If it goes well, Klingert will win a grant and move with his family to England. Bi thinks that her brother is still alive and he could never find them if they leave. She believes that the diving suit is a monster who has possessed her father. With the help of a new friend Peter, a young scamp from the riverside, she tries to destroy it before her family leaves city of Wroclaw for ever.

Technique: 2D • Running time: 20 minutes • Premiere: 2021

About Klingert

Karl Heinrich Klingert lived in Wrocław in the years 1760-1828. He graduated from the high Protestant St. Mary Magdalene school in Wrocław, and was a teacher of physics and mathematics, both in this school and in today's Academy of Fine Arts. He made many models and instruments for experiments for a number of Wroclaw educational institutions, also for the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Wroclaw.

Klingert was particularly interested in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and applied physics. He conducted experiments with electricity and air. Among other things he invented: a pump that would release oxygen from water, compressed air lighter, underwater lamp, fire escape ladder and basket, thermometer and compass for the blind, arm prosthesis, rehabilitation exercises chair, wheelchair.

His greatest work was built in 1797 first of that kind armored diving suit proposed for cleaning refuse from the bottom of the river Oder. Klingert’s works contributed to the development of a scuba diving practiced today by several millions people in the world.


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